Timorese Ikat paraded at Couture Fashion Week, NY, September 10, 2017

Timorese Ikat paraded at Couture Fashion Week, NY, September 10, 2017

Indonesian designer Julie Laiskodat founder of Levico Fashion brand presents Timorese handwoven textile from Nusa Tenggara region to Couture Fashion Week New York’s in September 2017. Julie has proofed to the fashion world that Indonesian traditional textile has the quality, design, colour and class to enter the fashion world. The likes of ikat textiles such as Buna, Ayotupas, Biboki which are usually used as blankets in Timor were made into elegant couture dresses and paraded by models and supermodels, as we’ve never seen before.

In recent years, Indonesian are also embracing ikat textiles to be used as fashion apparels. The thick ikat produced in many villages around Indonesia, such ikat from Sumba, Timor Ikat, Borneo and many other parts of Indonesia are used to make coats, jackets, handbags and shoes. The robust texture and thickness of these fabrics also make them suitable for home décor and upholstery fabric.

Most of Indonesian Ikat from East Nusa Tenggara are produced using backstrap loom. A piece of cloth is usually hand-woven by women, and it is recognised as ancient art, where the skills are passed from generation to generation normally from mother to daughter. It will take several weeks, months or even years to produce a piece of blanket, depending on the type of blanket produced, the type ikat and dying processes involved in the making of the textile. The natural dying process will take months to achieve the required colour. Indonesian textile is not just a piece of textile, is a work of art by artisans from around the country, hence these items can be very costly to buy due to the labour intensive involved during the production.

Visit Indonesia, to see for yourself how these textiles are produced. We can arrange group textile visit to many parts of Indonesia, to see how the textile being produced and meet the artisans directly.

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