Nīas (Indonesian: Pulau Nias, Nias language: Tanö Niha) is an island located on the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Nias is also the name of the archipelago (Kepulauan Nias) of which the island is the centre, but also includes the Batu Islands to the south-east and the small Hinako Islands (Wikipedia)

These beautiful girls (photo, courtesy of Northern Nias Tourism Board) – are wearing Nias Traditional costume. The costume made from Velvet fabric (apparently not handwoven in Nias), but this fabric has been adopted to represent Nias National Costume, usually in bright colours of Yellow and Red, produced in many different styles.

We were informed during our visit there in 2016, that Nias people no longer actively producing handwoven textiles, but you can still see legacy of their woven textiles in museums in the island, displayed alongside amazing artifacts from by the people of Nias.

Nias is a truly amazing region of Indonesia, lovely beaches, less crowded towns to enjoy and full of amazing cultural shows to enjoy, particularly in the southern part of Nias. Esther Glorian Telaumbanua, a Nias tourism promoter and activist, actively introducing Nias events and cultural development in the island and encouraging people to visit Nias, particularly for the NIAS PRO 2018 event, an international surfing competition. More information about NIAS Pro, can be found in :…/1999-nias-pro-is-aproaching-and…

Visit Nias, see information more information here for details:,

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