Batik, the Javanese traditional costume

Batik, the Javanese traditional costume

Historians and anthropologists believe, early examples of batik have been found in the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia and India from over 2000 years ago. Batik was found in China and Japan long before Batik reached Indonesia. However, today, Indonesia, particularly the island of Java, is the region who has made the greatest achievement, adopting it as their traditional costume and become the largest of Batik producers on our globe today.

This photo donated by Dr Bambang F Nurtjahjono, captured from the wedding ceremony of his son recently. The lady in the photo is Dr Bambang’s daughter Dr Natasya Prameswari and her husband Dr Sandi Soedarman with the lovely young toddler, Aksa.

We are truly proud that Indonesia respect their traditional costumes so dearly and the cultural significance of these textiles are truly valuable to us.

Wastra Indonesia is part of the people identities of this country, something that needs to be preserved for as long as we can.

We love Wastra Indonesia.

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