The Weavers Cotton Gin, an ancient tool that functions for life

The Weavers Cotton Gin, an ancient tool that functions for life

The Weavers Cotton Gin. This type of ancient tool has been around in Indonesia for centuries, and many senior weavers are still using them regularly. This was the only tool available to our ancestors in the olden days, to process their cotton, separating the seeds from the cotton, before hand-spun them into beautiful threads. In the olden days, most of the cotton was grown organically, then process traditionally and the spinning was carefully done to ensure they have high-quality textiles at the end of the weaving process, and textiles were made to last for life. The best quality and most beautiful textiles made by our ancestors are now kept in museums around the world, and in textile cabinets of textile collectors.

Although the request for naturally dyed, hand-spun cotton is rising sharply due to their amazing beauty and quality, very few weavers would continue to produce this type of threads. They prefer to use cheap, dirty synthetic threads which are available cheaply for quick cash. Sadly, we cannot blame them for opting to use these cheap threads, as however hard they work to produce the hand-spun cotton, they would be very few people would respect their hard works.

Bringing back high-quality cotton textiles are not actually that difficult, it can be done, but we need textile lovers to change their mindset and start thinking quality and reward the weavers for their efforts. Don’t expect Indonesian weavers to produce an amazing quality of textiles, if we are not even prepared to give them a minimum salary for their hard works and their beautiful textiles. Let’s play the trading game fairly and honestly.

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